Shipping & Returns


Up to $25.99 – $ 5.99
$26.00 – $49.99 – $14.99
$49.99 – $74.99 – $18.99
$75 and up – Free


We generally use FedEx for shipping. We offer shipping based on your order amount on Main Land USA orders only.
All Overseas orders (including Canada, Alaska, Hawaii and US Territories) are sent through the Post Office.
If these orders are over our USA free shipping ($75.00) we will discount you 10% on your original shipping price and email you the cost.


Returns are NOT ALLOWED.  We participate in the Avian Community Health Awareness Program, which means that we have committed to hold to strict guidelines about providing safe, disease-free products.  We cannot take the risk of accepting your returns and exposing the birds of other customers to airborne or other illnesses.  If you have a broken or missing item please contact us and we will make sure you are looked after.  Good customer service is very important to us.

BEFORE ORDERING, if you are not sure of the size of toy that your bird needs or if a toy is appropriate for your bird, please contact us by emailing through our Contact us Section.  We can also be reached at
Thanks for your understanding of this matter.  Safety for your bird is our main objective, we would not buy from any bird site that exchanged or accepted returns because of the health risks to your birds.